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Sunflower Home Decor


Sunflower Home Decor

If you are looking for the sunny side of life all the year round, one way to get it may be to focus on using sunflower home décor in your home or apartment. This décor is bright and sunny and can be do it yourself for low cost to you.

One way to get diy home décor and still that sunflower look is to go to the store and get some paint. Specifically, look for a goldenrod shade or a yellow that can be utilized on the walls of the room you are looking to spice up with your sunflower home décor. Do not focus on painting all walls that yellow color unless you are ready for a full-fledged blast of sun. Instead, try choosing one or two walls to highlight with the sunflower yellow and leave the others a softer shade.

After this diy home décor project, try bringing even more of that desired sunflower home décor look into the room. You can do this by bringing in pictures and placing them strategically throughout the room. Look for a large art piece that is focused or built around a sunflower picture or try a smaller one. The size depends on the amount of sunflower home décor you wish to incorporate.

Another great way to create that sunflower look is by incorporating the artificial plants home décor as well. If the room is yellow already, do not focus on bringing in large artificial sunflower plants. Instead, save these for smaller areas or when you are just looking for a touch of the sunflower home décor and not an overwhelming amount.

In a bright yellow room, instead incorporate artificial plants home décor through green plant usage. Use a lot and you will find that, coupled with the yellow walls, you will gain the yellow green look of the sunflower without overwhelming the visual palette with one plant. You do not want a one note room but a consistent and put together look.

If you are not looking for a large diy home décor project but still want that sunflower look, try the following. Place a single sunflower in the room. A large sunflower placed in a standing or free vase can really get you that sunflower home décor look without being overwhelmed by the plant.

Also, try a unique approach of using sunflower seeds instead of the plant itself in order to get the sunflower home décor look. Take a clear vase or mason jar and fill it with sunflower seeds. These seeds can be set in the middle of a dining or coffee table or they can be placed on a shelf. Coupling this with a few plants or sunflower pictures will really make the room pop. Further, this is another low cost way of getting the sunflower home décor look without being too much.